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High-performance Hiperco27 Produced by XAGY

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High-performance Hiperco27 Produced by XAGY
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HiperCo27 alloy ,known generically as ASTM A801, is an iron-cobalt-chromium soft magnetic alloy possessing the highest degree of ductility and toughness in the commercially available iron-cobalt grades of high saturation and high Curie temperature soft magnetic alloys. Although the permeability and coercive force of HiperCo 50 alloy are somewhat better than HiperCo 27 alloy, the magnetic saturation of both alloys is nearly identical. In addition, HiperCo 27 alloy does not exhibit the brittleness of HiperCo 50 alloy.

【Paper label】:High performance Hiperco27