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Heat treatment of Hiperco50A alloy

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Heat treatment of Hiperco50A alloy
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When selecting a heat treating temperature for the application, two factors should be considered:

  1. For best magnetic soft characteristics, select the highest suggested temperature.
  2. If the application requires specific mechanical properties higher than that produced when employing the highest temperature, select the temperature that will provide desired mechanical properties.

As temperature decreases, magnetic properties become less magnetic soft. Hiperco50A heat treating temperature for best soft magnetic properties should be 1625°F +/- 25°F (885°C +/- 15°C).Do not exceed 1652°F(900°C).

The heat treating atmosphere used must be nonoxiding and noncarburizing. Atmospheres such as dry hydrogen or high vacuum are suggested. Time at temperature should be two to four hours. Cool at a rate of nominally 180 to 360°F (100 to 200°C) per hour to a temperature of least 700°F(370°C), then cool naturally to room temperature.